About us

Bitcoin Miners Europe is an expert in the field of cutting edge Cryptocurrency Mining.

We are here to help you increase your income through Cryptocurrency Mining, we offer a huge variety of the most power efficient, sophisticated, cutting edge ASIC Miners, made with the latest technology both in terms of hardware, software and build quality at the most competitive prices in the European market, ready to deliver to your doorstep, shipped directly from within our European warehouse based in Greece. We are here to serve you in the best possible way, before, during and after your purchase.

Having an anthropocentric approach as a company, we focus on the customer experience, Bitcoin Miners Europe and our dedicated team of professionals have a strong belief in the cutting edge products and services we provide that we are certain will change your future for the better.

Bitcoin Miners Europe is a subsidiary of FаstVapе Singlе Mеmber P.C. (VAT NO: [EL]-[800]-[805]-[584]). Our parent company (FаstVapе ) was established in 2017 and is actively trading in a leading position since then in the vaping industry with 17 locations all over Greece.

Having true passion for cutting edge products, innovation and technology as well as huge demand for quality, blazing fast, power efficient ASIC mining equipment led us to the creation of bitcoinminerseurope.com

We are here 24/7 to help you and give you the answers you need. You can call us at +30 2310 281856 and our experienced mining support specialists will help and guide you.

Let’s change the world together.

Why choose us?

Key reasons that makes us stand out from the competition.

How to verify our reliability?

There are several ways to verify our company size and legitimacy.

✅ We are located in Europe – specifically in Greece. A country known to have very strict rules against any shady business practices. ✅ Our company has been registered since 2017, which you can verify here. ✅ Our company has 17 physical locations, which you can verify here ✅ You can call the LANDLINE phone number of ANY of our 17 stores, and ask for confirmation. ✅ You are ALWAYS welcome to visit us, inspect and pick up the equipment yourself, we will never reject such a proposal. ✅ Our prefered payment method is by Sepa Bank Transfer to our Greek Bank Account. If you would like to pay by Crypto, it can be arranged but we will never push towards paying ONLY through Crypto.


Careful delivery of products to you within days


Top support from specially trained staff


All our products have the necessary certifications


Shipping directly from our warehouses in Greece


If you order within the European zone VAT is 0%


Our customers testimonials


One year warranty from Bitmain


We offer the best prices


Our VAT NO: EL800805584

Authentic Products

All our products are authentic and come with a guarantee and all the necessary certificates and documents, they are ready to be delivered, they are in our offices in Thessaloniki and after consultation, you can visit us to see them up close and copy them or send them to you with the shipping of your choice.

If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.
Satoshi Nakamoto
Δημιουργός του BITCOIN